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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not a big improvement over previous shift titles.

I, personally, liked the old shift games much better. The art was minimalistic which was quite excellent and the music and gameplay were great. I was really disappointed in this new game.

Graphics: Not an improvement. The character design in the original was a silhouette, but it was more detailed than this stick figure guy. Why you went from a detailed silhouette to a stick figure is completely beyond me. The filter effects that you applies to the terrain and the character would have been much better if they were nonexistent. They're just bad and take away from this game visually.

Gameplay: The levels were no harder than the levels in shift 2 or 3. The new game mechanics though were a nice touch. I liked the idea of the boxes, but the issue I had with them was control.

Control: I don't really like these controls. I prefer that up DOESNT let you jump. It's a bit annoying if it does. I REALLY don't like the fact that you have to push the opposite direction button to pull the box. That's just ridiculous.

Sound: It's okay.

Learning Curve: Waaaaaayyyy to slow.

Story: Stupid and unnecessary,

Overall: No improvement over the old games, in fact the older games were much better. If this game was graphically put into the style of the older games with the addition of the beloved TIMER and witty phrases on the wall that I have come to know and love, and with the reduction of the stupid mochi-coins bullshit, I would have seriously enjoyed this much more.

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Rebuzz Rebuzz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game.

Awesome game. Fun puzzles. i felt stupid once I got some of them that I had been stuck on.

Great presentation overall. Lovely game. The hints really have them away though...


Walkthrough (disregard the .'s):

1. Big bad wolf.
2. Uproar
3. Far from home
4. You win some you lose some.
5. Singing in the rain.
6. West indies.
7. Whos on first.
8. Corner table.
9. Hillbilly
10. Head over heels.
11. Space invaders.
12. Forgive and forget
13. Falling in love.
14. Missing you.
15. Growing economy.
16. In between jobs.
17. One in a million.
18. Point blank range.
19. Time after time.
20. Ur out of line

Hard levels:

1. Safety in numbers.
2. eh... iunno. You're on your own. ;3

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Fidi Fidi

Rated 4 / 5 stars

neat game

It was fun. A simple concept, and well executed. I liked how you could rotate the screen as well as Fidi, a very good touch. It was pretty addictive too. First try I got over 4,000 points, and felt as if I had achieved something great.

Music was not bad either. The minimalist graphics worked very nicely with the gameplay. Overall a good game.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Kind of cool.

As sadist as it was, some of the medals were relatively easy to get. The graphics were okay, and the sound was not half bad either.

As for the gameplay, this was an extreme test of endurance.
Not the most fun, but entirely possible.

Sky Sling Sky Sling

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not so good

A lot could be improved, from the extremely boring and irritatingly repetitive "elevator" music to the exasperatingly slow and repetitive gameplay. It looks like all you did was take Sling Sling and just throw extra stuff on which should have been included in the first place. The gameplay wasn't really unique and the thing didn't play well either. You have absolutely no clue where you are oriented, and the ball doesn't sling fast enough. At least some guides would be good, or AT LEAST the option to turn them on.

Going for the extra balls wasn't very fun, because it took 4 balls just to aim properly at getting three. A major graphic redesign would have been nice so it wouldn't have confused so many users.

Also, more gameplay modes should have been included to make it easier.
It's really not too much for a sequel. A lot could have been done to make it better.

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Hackers: 1337 H4X0R Hackers: 1337 H4X0R

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Seriously Bad

The concept was overall boring and unoriginal, and the execution was terrible. There was really nothing to do, not unlike many other sims like this. You had no outside training, like reading books, etc.

The graphics were very poor. They were all either bitmap captures or bitmap traces. The fun was next to none. The soundtrack was a sub-par selection.

Things to improve on: make it more difficult, make there be a possibility to lose or get caught by the FBI or something. Make more screens, make more tasks, make more clickable icons, that sort.

Fun: 1/10 Bored out of my mind. it just dragged on.
Graphics: 2/10. Bitmap traces and bitmaps.
Gameplay: Boring, unorigainal, and overdone.
Music: Music was good, but selection was awful. The playlist lacked originality.
Actually like being a hacker: 1/10. Hackthissite [dot] org is not a site that necessarily supports hacking, rather expansion of ability. And it's not like someone can just click a button and steal credit cards and all that.
Achievements: Well done, you can achieve things. Wonderful. Too bad it doesn't say what the achievement is for, anywhere except for the tiny glimpse of a banner that you get when you actually unlock it. I'll have to take points away on that one.

Overall a bad game.

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wagnerben responds:

thanks for your review. it was helpful and gave me some ideas.
about the achievements, you CAN see what achievements you have and don't if you look at the readme.txt file on the desktop

thx for playing

Ultimate Crab Battle Ultimate Crab Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This boss battle was more epic than Spiritual Larsa from Mushihimesama Futari.

Squary Squary

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It was smoothly done, coding was good, controls were good. The movement was not choppy at all, which is very good. This is an overall well-programmed game. However, it was quite plainly colored, it got boring very fast, and the levels were rather poorly designed (unoriginal). As good as the programming was, this is quite the simple game. It wasn't very addicting so I really can't give you much points for that.

As well as good level design and graphics, this game lacked sound, of any kind. A simple sound effect here or there would have been nice, a smooth jazz music overlay or some hardcore techno or anything in between would have been nice as well.

It lacked sound, interesting original levels, and fun graphics, but it was rather well built.

To improve the quality, I would try adding more gradient, etc. better art, actual animation of some sorts, sound, and perhaps make the quare move faster.

Good work, but it needs improvement.

How to Animate:Madness How to Animate:Madness

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Not only did this not telly you how to animate madness, you just just said, "and animate it," but you misspelled lots of things, like the word proceed, which you didn't even bother to look up in a Dictionary.

Although, what you had in the flash was okay. Stuff was mildly well drawn, albeit horribly explained. Not much of a good tutorial, but rather a simple showcase. I'd call it iffy.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Abusive Video Game Manipulation

It wasn't very amusing at first, until I got an auto clicker that does over 100 clicks per second. Funny game, and it's entirely true. Good job.

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