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Fucking Bioshock 2

2010-02-20 09:48:22 by Ironosaur


Bioshock 2 has the worst damn registration process when you buy it from steam. With every other steam game, you just purchase, download, then play, but not bioshock 2. You have to register it and it asks for a serial. I didn't buy it from a counter, so I had to go through a 3 day process to email the security company proving I purchased the game in order to get a serial. So I finally got that in, and the game finally launches, but I can't play without a Windows live account. WHY HAVE A CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM INSIDE ANOTHER CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM? THAT IS THE WORST FUCKING IDEA EVER!! Anyway, then I had to register an account, but it turns out that I need to egister another account because the process somehow halted. Now that I have that out of the way, I thought I could finally play, but no. It had to spend 4 hours downloading some update, then re-register my game then register again through Windows live, then ugh... I just want to play this game.

TL;DR This is a nightmare to start.

Motherfucking Dell Computers...

2009-06-17 21:49:29 by Ironosaur

So I bought a new computer not too long ago. It was a nice machine. In all the stores and magazines, it offered great specs for a great price.

6 GB DDR2 Ram, Core i7 Quad processor, 22 inch screen (1680 x 1050), the works.

They somehow failed to mention anything about the video card, sound card, or really any other peripherals. I was reluctant to pick this computer because of this, but my parents insisted on this one, because of the price. As nice as it looked, it was a pretty big mistake.

The graphics card is a disaster. Clocking in at less than 128 MB DDR1, and being an onboard chipset on the motherboard, this graphics card cannot play Half Life 2; lost Coast on absolute MINIMAL graphics quality at the minimum resolution possible at more than 5 frames per second. Playing a flat grass stage on Garry's mod with no items can barely get me more than 10 or 20, on minimal graphics settings.

The sound card is incredibly bad. The audio gets very twisted and distorted, and looses a lot of it's bass very easily. There is 5 seconds of lag if I want to turn the monitor on in Audacity, as opposed to instantly in any normal PC.

So, over the course of a month or two, i scrapped together enough money to buy a new graphics card, preferably one of those GeForce cards that can supposedly run games smoothly, when I find out that I cannot buy a new graphics card because my current one is onboard.

I thought, this can't hurt too bad, but it turns out that in order to add any other peripherals, I would need a new Power Supply, because this computer cannot handle another video card.

Unfortunately, in order to get a new power supply, I would need a new motherboard too.

I didn't plan to throw that much money away so I could play the video games I spent money on at decent frame rates, or at least acceptable ones at minimal quality. All I really wanted was a new graphics card, but because dell had the nerve to sell their PC's with onboard graphics card that terrible, but otherwise good specs... goddamn it's even pointless to have those good of specifications if the video card is that bad!

So I can't get another video card without wasting more money on more parts.
I wasted 700 dollars on a computer that can barely even run online flash games at semi decent framerates.

If you feel like being nice, try donating money to me so I can shove it up Dell's ass.

Holy crap 29 cents now!

2009-04-24 17:06:25 by Ironosaur

I'm practically swimming in all the money!


Holy crap 29 cents now!

Oh my god I got 10 more cents from revenue!

2009-04-22 15:02:41 by Ironosaur

And by viewing this you've next mission is to click the ads you see on the screen.

Or this here link:

Go on. You know you want to.

I'm just that good.

2009-04-12 20:13:29 by Ironosaur

And I definitely did NOT cheat. Heaven forbid cheating.

I'm just that good.

1 week vacation.

2009-04-05 23:18:55 by Ironosaur

To New York.

This blog post is stupid.

2009-04-01 19:44:17 by Ironosaur

Please disregard it. 8339984.mp3

Silver Whistle

2009-03-23 17:26:44 by Ironosaur

Oh neat.

Oh neat.

2009-03-07 11:52:22 by Ironosaur

I got a trophy!


2009-03-05 15:03:10 by Ironosaur

Updated to Beta 2

Holy shit were there a lot of glitches. Lots of them were fixed though, which is good.
A few small ones still remain in effect, but for the benefit of not having to mess up the flash even more, it's best not to mess with them.

I'm glad I managed to save this flash while I could.